Woman Blocks Cop From Shooting Dog, Is Arrested (Video)


A woman who used her body as a shield to protect her dog from being shot by a police officer has been cleared of obstructing justice (video below).

When 23-year-old Tiffanie Hupp saw her dog, Buddy, who was chained to a wall at her home in Parkersburg, West Virginia, about to be shot by State Trooper Seth Cook, she stopped him and was detained on May 9, 2015.

During the jury trial on Feb. 29, Cook said he was called to the property to resolve a dispute between Tiffanie’s husband’s stepfather and a neighbor, according to Daily Mail.

When the officer arrived at the family's front yard, the dog started barking and ran towards him.

Cook then pulled out his firearm and pointed it Buddy when Tiffanie stepped in front of it, blocking the officer from shooting. All the while, Tiffanie's husband, Ryan Hupp, captured video of the incident on his phone.

In the video, Cook drops his gun, grabs Tiffanie’s arms and throws her to the ground. 

He picks her up and slams her onto his patrol vehicle and handcuffs her wrists as her relatives scream in the background.

The officer then goes inside the family’s home to confiscate their electronic devices, including the smartphone Ryan was using to record the incident.

Tiffanie was charged with obstructing justice and released on bail.

On Feb. 29, a jury later cleared Tiffanie of the charges after watching the video her husband recorded during the incident.

"If it wasn’t for him recording, there’d be nothing,” Tiffanie told local blog Photography Is Not A Crime, which uploaded the video to YouTube. “He knew about police [brutality] before I did. But that’s why the camera is shaking, because of the adrenaline."

Of the verdict, Tiffanie said: “When they read those words 'not guilty,' we were relieved. It’s hard to describe the feeling unless it’s actually happening to you. Justice is good, though.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Photography Is Not A Crime, Photography Is Not A Crime/YouTube / Photo credit: Photography Is Not A Crime

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