Woman Unknowingly Calls 911 About Her Own Drowning Children


Two twin toddlers managed to sneak out of a Florida apartment last week and jump into a pool.

A nearby woman called police and reported that she saw two toddler bodies in the pool. The children, she said on the call, appeared lifeless.

“There’s two dead children in the pool!” Althea Bradford said on a 911 call. “I just saw bodies!”

Little did Bradford know the children she was calling about were her own. They were being watched by a babysitter as Bradford worked in an office about 150 feet away.

Police said the toddlers slipped outside while the babysitter used the bathroom.

“She had left the bathroom door open and heard the TV with cartoons on in the next room," police said. “It appears that at one point, one of the children apparently manipulated the lock, at which time both exited the apartment and had a clear path from the apartment to the pool area.”

Police estimate the children were underwater for at least four minutes before help arrived. It is believed that irreparable brain damage from a lack of oxygen occurs after roughly three minutes underwater.

The toddlers were rushed to the hospital once EMTs arrived. Both children were in critical condition until yesterday, when two-year-old Jada Roman passed away. Her brother, Henry, remains in critical condition.

About 10 people in the United States die every day from drowning.

Sources: Sun Sentinel, CDC


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