Woman Sues City After Her Dog Slips And Falls


We’ve heard about some interesting lawsuits over the years, and here’s another one for you.

Rebecca Richardson is suing the Brighton city council for £5,000 (roughly $8,500) after her dog Scooby slipped and injured itself on city property. Richardson, who collects unemployment and cannot afford a needed surgery for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, blames the property's long grass for the injury.

“I was walking my dog and when we got close to my home, he noticed a cat and chased after it,” Richardson told MailOnline. “He chased the cat up a bank and caught his leg in the grass and now he has a slipped disc. Surgery will cost around £5,000. The grass was too long, it was much taller than Scooby - he was buried in the grass. We’ve been complaining to the council for four weeks about the length of the grass outside our home.

“I would like to pursue it and sue them because they are completely responsible and liable for what happened to my poor dog,” she argued.

Richardson last worked 18 years ago. She quit her job for mental health reasons and never rejoined the workforce. Her husband last worked 10 years ago but was forced to retire because of back problems. The Richardsons’ entire income comes from government benefits, which they say are not enough to pay for the dog’s costly surgery.

“Being in our situation, it is difficult - we are on benefits,” Rebecca Richardson said. “I want to sue the council but we do not have any money to sue them, but it is unfair because the council are definitely liable for what happened. They should pay for the surgery, it is their fault and I am pointing the finger at the council.”

While the Richardsons seem intent on winning their case, at least one group in the country thinks their argument is ridiculous. Andy Silvester from the Britain-based Taxpayers’ Alliance called the lawsuit an example of “compensation culture gone mad.”

“This is a perfect storm of council neglect and compensation culture gone mad,” Silvester said. “The council has got to do a better job of looking after the local area, but it’s ridiculous that taxpayers will be left with a potentially huge bill.”

Source: Daily Mail


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