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Woman Decides To Scam The IRS Phone Scammers

A woman in Denver did what so many of us wish we could and made IRS scammers pay for the way they were trying to cheat  innocent victims out of money.

Rachel Fitzsimmons says she was terrified when she received numerous voicemail messages from people claiming to be law enforcement officials collecting unpaid taxes, reports The Blaze. The callers even went as far as threatening the young woman with arrest and legal action if she didn’t pay the money she supposedly owed the government.

But after Fitzsimmons did some online research, she says she discovered IRS scammers were everywhere. She then decided to do something that would “give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Fitzsimmons reportedly called back the number left on her voicemail and was put in touch with a man who identified himself as “officer David Miller.” She was told a “miscalculation” in her tax filing was going to cost her and that she had to pay back $1,000. The woman asked to speak with a supervisor and pretended she was falling for the scam.

Once a “supervisor” was on the line, Fitzsimmons reportedly told him, “I actually work for the IRS. And this kind of thing doesn’t happen so I guess I’m just confused. Do you realize that you guys are taking money from innocent people?”

The woman says the person on the line hung up on her -- but not before she was able to record their conversation and post it on YouTube so that others could hear what was going on and protect themselves if they are ever targeted by similar scammers.

The IRS has reportedly received more than 20,000 reports of scam artists trying to trick people into cutting them checks for money they don’t actually owe. Anyone who has received a similar call is asked to contact the Treasury Inspector General.

Source: The Blaze/Photo Credit: YouTube 


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