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Woman Turns To Social Media To Seek Justice For Dog Left Dead On The Road

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A woman found a dead dog wrapped in chains that looked like someone had deliberately thrown it out on the street in Kansas City, Missouri. She is now demanding justice for the dog by spreading the word about it via social media.

Sheri Gambino first caught sight of the pit bull when she was driving down the street on Aug. 16. She noticed the dog lying on the side of the road with a chain wrapped around her torso and blood coming out of her mouth, Fox 4 reported.

“(The chain) was attached to her collar and one was up her back … Somebody probably threw her out of a truck. By the top of the chain and threw her to the side of the road, like trash,” Gambino speculated. 

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Gambino says the lifeless dog had probably been lying on the side of the road for several hours.

Other people nearby reportedly noticed the pit bull, but did not call police, although one neighbor later claimed that the dog was run over by a car, KSHB reported.

Gambino is furious that no one else alerted authorities.

After immediately notifying animal control officers, she took matters in her own hands by posting pictures of the pit bull on Facebook in hopes of tracking down the owner.

“I felt really bad for the dog and I felt like that dog needs some sort of justice … She had blood coming out of her mouth, she had sores on her. It made me outraged that somebody would do something like that,” she said.

A police report has since been filed, and animal control officers are attempting to see if the dog has a microchip that could help identify its owner.

Gambino says that is not enough. With the power of social media, she hopes to find the owner and bring the pit bull closer to justice once and for all.

Sources: Fox 4,KSHB / Photo credit: Facebook via Fox 4


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