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Woman Tries To Shoot Barber Over Haircut, Fails When Gun Jams

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A California woman is facing attempted murder charges after trying to shoot her hairstylist.

Adrian Blanche Swain, 29, got a haircut on Feb. 10, according to KGTV. Although she gave the stylist a $20 tip, she reportedly returned to the salon later that day with a loaded gun.

Barber Chris Tatum said, “619 Barber Shop has been in business for 20-plus years here in North Park, we’ve never had any incident like that.” He was at the salon that day and told KGTV, “When she came in she seemed to be a very pleasant young lady.” 

Manny Montero gave Swain a hairstyle that similar to the mohawk cut Barbadian singer and songwriter Rihanna wears, an “easy haircut to do,” explained coworker Joe Cooper. The cut consists of longer hair in the middle of the scalp with the sides cut short, not completely shaved off.

Swain initially appeared to like the hairstyle, and gave Montero a $20 tip on top of the $24 cost of the cut. After she left, she allegedly sat in her car in front of the barbershop and used razors to change the haircut.

“She messed it up with some straight razors in her car,” Montero told KCBD. “She erased everything I did, messed it up with her razor, took it all off, and then she came in and said 'Look what you did to my hair.'’’

"When she came back in, she did not have the same haircut that she actually left with,” Tatum concurred.

Swain reportedly took out a gun and tried to shoot Montero three times. Although the weapon was loaded, it malfunctioned, witnesses said.

"She had it,” Montero said. “She was gonna do it. For some reason, God was there."

Montero and a co-worker tackled Swain to the floor and held her until police arrived at the scene. Swain faces attempted murder charges.

“She's probably just having a bad day,” Cooper said. “It was more mental with her. But the haircut, it’s a very stylish haircut though.”

 “You see it on TV, read about it, but you don’t really think nothing like that is really going to happen,” said Tatum.

Sources: KGTV, KNSD, KCBD / Photo  credit: KGTV

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