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Woman Tries To Sell Home, Realizes She Is No Longer Owner

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A Long Island woman learned the hard way that she no longer owned her home after she attempted to sell the property to pay off her debt. 

According to the Daily Mail, 73-year-old widow Hertha Handler had lived in the Oyster Bay Cove building for over 40 years. After her husband died, the woman apparently fell behind on her property taxes.

Unbeknownst to Handler, the property had been purchased by investor Albert Kalimian for around $6,000 in liens. 

Handler’s attorney Elias Schwartz claims that his client should have been properly notified of the property transfer. 

“There should have been a further effort to make sure that Hertha Handler was being advised that she was in serious jeopardy of losing title to her house,” Schwartz said. 

According to NBC New York, Kalimian’s attorney Alan Davis argued that his client had followed the proper legal procedures. The village attorney also approved the property transfer.

The attorneys are currently working out a deal that would allow Handler to keep the house. NBC New York reports that Kalimian agreed to Handler’s offer to pay the liens back with interest and reimburse his legal fees.


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