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Teen Killed On Subway Trying To Get Phone From Tracks

A teenage girl was reportedly hit and killed by a subway train in Queens, New York, after she tried to pick up her cell phone from the tracks.

Dina Kadribasic, 13, was struck by a southbound R train at the 63rd Drive-Rego Park stop around 4 p.m. on April 2, WABC reports. The teen was taken to Elmhurst Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

"People were trying to push the train and everybody on the train moved to the side so we could push the weight of the train to the side," said commuter Stephan Topete. "We thought the person was actually trapped in between the train."

Topeka said that he was riding the train when he felt an impact. When commuters were let off of the train, Topete said that other passengers were very upset at the scene.

"A lot of them were crying on the platform -- I think two of them were even throwing up," he said.

Kadribasic had reportedly been trying to grab her cell phone, which had fallen on the train tracks. She was reported to have jumped down on to the tracks herself, and didn't make it back up before the train arrived.

"Just looking at how far down it is, it doesn't make sense," said Bernard Malick. "I know you drop your phone, you want your phone back, but that's a long way down. It's almost four feet."

"I might go for it," one woman told CBS.  "I would have to go for it. My phone is like my best friend."

New York City Transit sent out a statement reminding riders to stay behind the platform's yellow safety line while waiting for the train. The MTA added that commuters should alert subway staff if they drop something on the tracks, instead of trying to grab it on their own.

"Keep off the tracks," says the MTA on a page of its website about subway safety. "Never go down onto the tracks, for any reason. If you drop something, tell a police officer, or train or station personnel."

"Your safety is more important," the website adds.

The MTA also advises riders to watch the gap in between the train and the platform.

In a similar story in March, 25-year-old Sophia Yu was badly injured by a train after she reportedly fainted on the platform and fell onto the tracks.

Yu reportedly lost her right leg and arm in the accident, according to the Daily Mail. The train's operator saw Yu on the tracks and immediately hit the brakes, but wasn't able to stop the train before Yu had been struck and trapped beneath one of the cars.

"Her family is devastated," said a friend. "There's a lot of stuff they need to figure out right now... She's going to have a lot to go through."

Sources: WABC, CBS, Daily Mail, / Photo credit: Iwonderandiwander/Wikimedia Commons

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