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Employee Tries To Save Child At McDonald's Drive-Thru (Video)

The trial began on Feb. 7 for a man who was caught on a McDonalds surveillance camera taking an infant from a woman and driving away.

Levenski Crossly, 27, is charged with felonious assault, theft and multiple counts of abduction and kidnapping, reports the Daily Mail.

Video of the incident, which occurred last year in Cincinnati, shows Crossly and his girlfriend Jessica Wilson fighting outside their car, which is parked at the drive-thru window.

Wilson has an infant in her arms, and is struggling to get away from Crossly. At one point, the drive-thru employee leans out the window and attempts to rescue the child, telling Wilson to "hand the child to me," according to prosecutors.

However, after about a minute of struggling, Crossly managed to pull the infant from Wilson's hands and drive away. Three of Wilson's other children were also in the car at the time.

She was left standing at the drive-thru window, where prosecutors say she was "desperately asking someone to call 911," reports

Prosecutors told the court that, prior to the incident, Crossty broke into Wilson's home where she was staying with her four children, and accused her of being unfaithful.

Wilson testified that Crossly entered the house through a window and forced his way into a bathroom where she was hiding from him. He then allegedly beat her, leaving her with two black eyes and a cut on her head.

According to Wilson's testimony, Crossly continued to beat her in the car, as he demanded the passcode to her smartphone, so he could see who she had been texting.

"He kept hitting me, wouldn't stop," she testified. On the way to McDonald's, they stopped at her sister's house, where he bit her when she tried to run away.

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Crossly's attorney, Stephan Madden, argued that it was a misdemeanor domestic incident, and that his client drove away with the children to protect them from Wilson, who he said was intoxicated.

"There is no abduction, there is no kidnapping, there is no theft," he said, explaining that Crossly took the children to Wilson's father's home after leaving McDonalds.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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