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Woman Tricked Female Friend In To Having Sex By Pretending To Be A Man

Gayle Newland, a 25-year-old woman from Cheshire, England, was convicted of sexually assaulting another 25-year-old woman during a two-year relationship.

The court heard that Newland convinced the victim she was a man by strapping bandages across her chest and always insisting that the victim wore a blindfold when they were together.

Newland created a fake persona on Facebook, where she went by the name Kye Fortune.

"Fortune" and the victim had sex together more than 10 times before she realized his true identity.

“Every time I met up with Kye Fortune I either had the mask on already or he would wait outside the door and I would put it on,” the victim told the court, Daily Mail reported. “I was so desperate to be loved. It's pathetic, so desperate for love, so desperate.”

Fortune and the complainant met for the first time in February 2013, two months after he had sent her an eternity ring in the post.

“Since the first time I wrote to this person on Facebook, I thought it was a male,” she said. “The first time I agreed to meet this person and agreed to have sex with them, I thought it was a male I told my friends I was engaged to a guy. I told my work colleagues.”

Another woman told the court about a similar experience with Fortune. They became Facebook friends and spoke on several occasions on the phone.

But then the woman noticed that Newland and Fortune had a picture of the same dog on their Facebook pages. So she called Fortune’s number and asked for Newland.

“I knew that Gayle Newland had pretended to be Kye Fortune. I hung up immediately. I felt stupid,” she told the court.

Newland argued that the 25-year-old always knew that she was pretending to be a man when they had sex, and that both were exploring their sexuality.

Newland also denied forcing the victim to wear a blindfold.

“How can you send me down for something I haven’t done?” Newland shouted in court, reports Metro.

Judge Roger Dutton said sentencing would take place in November.

“You have now been convicted of serious charges,” he said to Newland. “The consequences may be serious, I have to tell you that.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro / Photo credit: Screenshot via Mirror


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