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Woman Ties Boyfriend To A Car And Fatally Drags Him After A 'Disagreement'

A Minnesota woman has pleaded guilty to murdering her boyfriend after she lashed him by the neck to an SUV and dragged his body along a country road.

Authorities found 41-year-old Richard A. Baity’s body on the road about 50 yards away from his home in Maple Grove Township. They discovered a broken strap near the body and noticed marks on the victim’s neck. Drag marks on the road that trailed back to Baity’s home “indicated Baity had been dragged down the driveway and onto the roadway,” the criminal complaint stated.

The man’s girlfriend, Jessica M. Kilde, 33, was spotted nearby driving her SUV. The vehicle had a strap tied to its passenger side rear door that matched the strap found near Baity’s body and Kilde confessed.

Kilde, who has a criminal history of driving under the influence, check forgery, domestic assault and disorderly conduct, told police she and Baity had a disagreement the night of the incident on Aug. 15. She added that it was nothing serious.

The criminal complaint stated that Kilde and Baity had been drinking and smoking methamphetamine earlier that day.

Kilde pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional murder at Becker County District Court and remains in jail until her sentencing on March 16.

Source: Star Tribune / Photo Credit: Becker County Jail via Star Tribune


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