Teen Arrested After Throwing Woman In Pool (Video)

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A Florida teenager who was filmed picking up a woman and throwing her into a pool during a party has turned himself in to police (video below).

The 16-year-old, whose name has not been released, turned himself in to the Broward Sheriff's Office on May 8, WTVJ reports. He was charged with one count of battery on a person 65 years of age or older and received 21 days of juvenile detention.

He will serve the time at home and will be forced to wear an ankle bracelet.

The footage that led to the teen's arrest was recorded May 6 at a residential community in North Lauderdale, where a large group of people were having a pool party.

The video shows a woman entering the pool area with her two dogs. While she is engaging in what appears to be an argument with several of the partygoers, a teen wearing a red shirt walks over and picks her up. They both fall to the ground, at which point he picks her up again, carries her over to the pool and throws her and one of her dogs into the water.

The woman has since been identified as 68-year-old Nancy James, a board member of the Players Place Homeowners Association. She said she had walked over to ask them to turn their music down.

"We're just asking them [to] just lower the volume," James told WGHP. "I didn't care what they were doing. That's not my job to police the place."

A police report stated that James was "very frightened and upset" and was "drenched in water from her shoulders down." She suffered bruising to her leg as a result of the struggle.

Property manager Glen Sugarman told WTVJ that he had received a number of calls from residents who complained that the party was too loud.

"Several unit owners called us, the sheriff's office was called," he said. "One of the ladies on the board of directors went over there to break up the situation and the sheriff's department took quite a while to get there."

James' friend, Shay McNair, explained that the police had been called but were still on their way when James went to intervene. She added that James is recovering from a recent operation on her hip.

"She doesn't walk that good, you can see that. Like, why would you do that to her?" McNair said. "She was recovering already from what I understand a broken hip from not long ago."

Sources: WTVJ, WGHP / Photo credit: Steven Depolo/Flickr

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