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Woman Says Restaurant Threw Her Out Over Trump Hat

Esther Levy said she was thrown out of the Cancun Inn restaurant in Sugar Loaf, New York, on July 3 because she was wearing a baseball cap with Donald Trump’s campaign slogan "Make America Great Again."

"We were about to place our order with the waitress when she was summoned by the co-owner and told to not serve us and say we had to leave right away," wrote Levy on the New York for Donald Trump 2016 Facebook page, according to the Daily Mail.

" ... The co-owner threw us out while screaming at me that he does not serve Trump supporters and we have to leave right away and never come back."

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The Cancun Inn is a Mexican restaurant, and Levy’s accusation implies that the reason for the co-owner’s alleged action is due to Trump’s controversial campaign rhetoric about Mexico and Mexicans.

The presumptive Republican nominee’s comments on the subject has even harmed some of the business deals for which he is so well known, the Huffington Post reported. The Macy’s department store chain, for example, severed its relationship with "The Donald," as did the television network that broadcasted his hit reality show "The Apprentice."

In its defense, the restaurant posted a response on its Facebook page: " ... [W]e have never, and will never discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference or political beliefs. ... This business is our livelihood; something we’ve built from the ground up 25 years ago and take these allegations made against us very seriously.”

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According to Levy's Facebook post, she and her dining companion went to the Cancun Inn after attending a 4th of July party. In its Facebook response, the restaurant goes on to say Levy and her friend were asked to leave “because they were being rude to the staff and rowdy due to intoxication.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Huffington Post (2) / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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