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Woman Threatens To Sue McDonalds After Spilling Boiling Cup Of Tea On Her Leg

A McDonald’s customer is thinking about suing the fast food restaurant after she spilled a cup of hot tea on her leg, claiming the lid was not put on properly.

Joanna Audoire went shopping with a close friend in the small town of Waltham Abbey, Essex in England. They stopped by a Mcdonalds to pick up breakfast and some tea.

When Audoire sat in the passenger seat, she noticed that the diet Coke in the cardboard cup holder was about to topple. When she reached for it, half a cup of boiling hot tea fell on her lap.

“I jumped out the car and was hopping around,” Audoire told MailOnline. “At the time I had no idea the damage that had been caused.

“I got to work and I pulled my trousers down to go to the loo and it was horrible - the skin came off too,” she added. “I got to the walk in centre and they treated it.

“They said it will probably scar.”

According to Audoire, this was no ordinary burn. The hot cup of tea left a huge bubbling L-shaped burn that was the size of her hand. It even kept her away from work for more than a week due to the pain she felt just from walking.

“I am seriously considering legal action for the time I have had to take off work and for the injury and trauma I have suffered,” said the 44-year-old mother-of-three. “I was in immense pain.

"They need to take some responsibility for serving the tea as hot as that with a flimsy lid. When will they improve it? When a child is seriously burnt? It makes me cross.

“The lid couldn’t have been on properly, and I know tea is hot, but was it too hot on this occasion? I think it was. It was very very painful. It shouldn’t have happened.”

McDonalds acknowledged Audoire’s injury and reassured customers and employees that their “safety and wellbeing” is their “first priority.”

“... all of our restaurant crew are trained to serve hot drinks in a safe manner,” the spokesperson told MailOnline. “We are treating this incident very seriously and following Ms Audoire’s recent contact with our Customer Service Department, we have launched a full investigation into this matter.

“We continue to encourage an open dialogue with Ms Audoire regarding this matter.”

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