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Woman Threatens Intruder With a Gun After He Asks Her If She's "Ready to Meet God"

An intruder in Milwaukee, Oregon was caught on camera attempting to break into a home after already entering two nearby apartments and being scared off by a woman with a gun.

Surveillance video shows the man walking up to the house and looking through the windows at children playing with their babysitter. He tries to get in through the door, but discovers it is locked, and the babysitter yells at him to leave.

Prior to attempting to enter that home, the man had already entered two nearby apartments. Crystal McKinney, the person living at one of the apartments, recalls him following her up the stairs and inside.

"I backed up and I said 'What are you doing?'" said McKinney to Kens 5 News. "He said, 'Do you want to meet God?' I went to my room and got my gun. I said get out or I will shoot you."

The man was apparently scared off by the gun and turned around to leave. McKinney says she followed the intruder out the door and threatened to shoot him if he tried to do anything. When he got out, she shut and locked the door and immediately called 911. McKinney says she heard the man at another apartment before he eventually left. Some neighbors eventually apprehended the man and didn’t let him go until the police came to detain him.

"My adrenaline was really pumping and I broke down in tears," said McKinney.

Police say that they already knew who the intruder was and took him to a hospital for a mental health evaluation. He now faces charges of trespassing and menacing.


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