Woman Caught Littering, Gets Instant Karma (Video)


A woman experienced karma after she threw her trash out the window (video below).

In a video for Facts Life Reality, a motorcyclist is seen riding around, spotting several people who throw trash out of their car windows. In the first part of the clip, the biker rides up to a woman after she is seen sitting in her car in front of a building and throwing some trash onto the ground. The biker grabs an ashtray and throws its contents at her, followed by the silver tray. 

The woman is stunned as she wipes ashes off of herself, and the biker rides away. 

In another incident, the biker spots an SUV pulling out into traffic and notices the driver throwing what appears to be a bottle out of the window. The biker picks up the object and chases after the SUV and throws the bottle back into the driver’s car. Another incident shows the rider confronting another driver over trash thrown out of their window -- trash that is then thrown into the vehicle.

The litter vigilante’s video quickly went viral, with many praising the motorcyclist for doing something about keeping the city clean.

“You’re a real life superhero,” one viewer wrote, The Huffington Post reported. 

Other viewers shared their own similar littering experiences. 

“Excellent! I was in a supermarket carpark some years ago, when a car driver dropped some litter out of his window. A guy in a very smart suit picked it up, chased and caught up with him. He shouted " I believe you dropped this!" and threw it back through his window. I cheered!” one viewer wrote on Little Things’ Facebook page.

“A motorist in Springs in the 50s threw an empty cigarette packet out his window at a traffic light , an elderly lady picked it up and said to the driver "You dropped this " the driver responded "It's empty I don't need it " the lady threw it into the car and said " Neither do we " and walked on,” another wrote.

Other viewers, however, felt the woman went a little too far by confronting the drivers.

“It's a little extreme and in some of those instances it looked a little dangerous not only for him but for other drivers. I hate people who litter too it's disgusting, I was taught by my parents ( I'm in my 60's) not to do that and I taught my own kids the same. Parents today ( some ) don't teach their children to respect anyone or property,” one viewer commented. 

Sources: Little Things/Facebook, The Huffington Post, Facts Life Reality/YouTube / Photo credit: Facts Life Reality/YouTube

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