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Woman Wakes Up To Find Bloody Pillow And Marks On Body

A federal judge ruled on April 19 in favor  of one New York woman suing a Super 8 Virginia motel after reportedly waking up to find her pillow bloody and at least 40 bites on her body.

Military veteran Janie McFarland was out of town in September 2014, spending a weekend at the Albemarle County motel for a church trip when a colony of bed bugs fed on her all night, Mad World News reports.

“When I got up, I saw spots of blood on my pillow. So, they had been biting me on my neck and they were on my face,” McFarland said, WVIR reports. “I pulled the sheet back even more and there were bed bugs from the head to the foot of the bed just scurrying around on the sheet.”

She reportedly spent the next day helping lead the church service while feeling sick.

It was the start of an illness, she said, that lasted for more than year as the bite marks created an allergic reaction that affected her whole body.

Initially, hotel management allegedly denied any pest problem, so McFarland took the hotel's owner, Chaxu Incorporated, to court.

“They were like 'we don't know what you're talking about, we didn't find any bed bugs, everything is fine,'” said McFarland.

Further investigations reveal the motel had not sprayed the room for bed bugs in two years, reports Mad World News.

McFarland is suing the motel for $5 million. While the federal judge has ruled in her favor, the case is now waiting on the jury to come to a decision.

“[I’m] teaching them a lesson that basically other people have probably complained and they didn't do anything about it,” said McFarland.

McFarland adds the event has made her fearful of spending the night at other hotels.

“When I go to a hotel, I'm pulling back the blankets. I'm pulling back the sheets. I'm taking off the dust ruffle. I’m actually tearing down the bed now when I go to a hotel,” said McFarland.

Sources:, WVIR /Photo credit: Mad World News

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