Woman Evades Police In Mystery Machine

Jinkies! Scooby Doo and the gang crack cases out of The Mystery Machine, but those meddling kids and their dog weren’t behind the wheel when police in Redding, California, pursued a green-and-teal 1994 Chrysler minivan through town on March 5.

Police believe the driver was 51-year-old Sharon Kay Turman, who is accused of violating her parole in a shoplifting and theft related incident in February, according to a police booking report. Officers contacted Turman during a traffic stop, but she took off and headed toward the highway. Police told KRCTV that that she drove through an intersection during a red light, hitting four vehicles in the process.

Turman then allegedly drove to the interstate at more than 100 mph, but after transferring to another highway, where a California Highway Patrol helicopter reported her abandoning the Mystery Machine. Turman has yet to be found, but she’s wanted by the Redding Police Department as well as Shasta County Probation.

Although the Mystery Machine may seem like an odd choice for a getaway car, it certainly isn’t the strangest. According to Oddee, a man in Palo Alto, California, robbed a bank and used a wheelchair to flee the scene in 2008. Some other notable getaways include a man in Osceola County, Florida, who allegedly stole a golf cart from a nudist colony after robbing a Lowe’s outlet. Or a smuggler in Romania, who tried to smuggle cigarettes and tobacco valued at nearly $43,000 using a mule and and cart.

Sources: Police Booking Reports, KRCTV, Oddee / Photo credit: KRCTV

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