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Woman Learns Her Husband Is Also Married To Someone Else

Keith Charles Diaz might have seemed like the average 27-year-old man with a band around his left ring finger, but police believe he was hiding a big secret from his wife, whom he married in 2014 and lived with in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

Keith married his wife, Meredith Diaz, in 2014 in Hawaii. However, he also allegedly married a different woman in 2011 and failed to divorce her. 

Meredith’s suspicions were raised when she began reading conversations between her husband and another woman, WGHP reported. With the help of Davidson County deputies, she was able to find documents indicating that he was married to the woman he was chatting with.

It’s unclear whether Keith still had an active relationship with the other woman, although Meredith indicated that they lived together in the Arcadia community in Davidson County. According to official documents, Keith married his first wife in Tennessee. 

“I just don’t ever believe that something like this could happen to you,” she told WGHP. “The person that you trusted with your life and that you loved and had a child with could do things like this to you and keep up that big of a lie for that long.”

Keith used the same personal information on the marriage license he signed with Meredith as he did with his first wife. Meredith believes that there should be a better system ensuring people can’t commit bigamy. She hopes state leaders will consider legislation in the future that will tie people’s personal information, such as their social security number or driver’s license number, to their marital status. 

Keith has been charged with one count of felony bigamy and his bail has been set for $1,000, reports News & Record. It’s unknown if he also had children with his first wife.

Sources: News & Record, WGHP / Photo credit: Parekh Cards/Flickr

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