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Pregnant Mom Working Two Jobs Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime (Video)

Tami Forbes, a pregnant mother working two jobs, had to admit her family's future looked bleak. (video below)

As a store manager at Key West Key Lime Pie Company, she made only $300 a week and was forced to bartend to supplement her income, reports.

Still, that money was barely enough to support her family.

Then she was forced to take unpaid maternity leave having no idea how she was going to make ends meet.

The future looked dark until one day a stranger intervened.

Through his CNBC TV show The Profit, self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis uses his money to help struggling small businesses.

When he heard about Forbes' predicament, he knew he needed to step in.

“I’m gonna need your help before you leave. I gotta get some stuff done and you’re gonna be our leader here,” Lemonis says to the struggling mother in a CNBC clip. “In order for you to have good piece of mind, I wanted to give you some money.”

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When Lemonis announced he is offering Forbes six months worth of pay, she burst into tears.

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“It means everything, knowing that I have a salary when I come back — a salary that I can live on, and still save money… I’ve never had that,” she said.

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But that wasn't all Lemonis decided to give Forbes.

When she returned to work, he reportedly increased her weekly income to $1,000 so she can quit her bartending job.

"Thank you," Forbes says, now drenched in tears, before hugging Lemonis.

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Yet while Tami Forbes' story turned out well for her, many American mothers still have to face weeks of unpaid maternity leave.

When it comes to offering paid maternity leave, the International Labor Organization says American employers are last among developed countries, Forbes Magazine reports.

Experts say this can cause extreme stress for the mother, potentially harming the child.

Some new moms have even turned to crowdfunding websites for help.

Mariah Basquez was forced to create a GoFundMe page after her job at a nursing home refused to provide paid maternity leave.

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"I cannot afford to take off of work for more than 2 weeks to take care of my precious newborn," she writes.

"I am setting up this gofundme page in hopes that I can raise enough money to pay for the bills that I have in the 6 weeks that I hope to be on maternity leave," adds Basquez.

Sources:, CNBC Prime/YouTube, ForbesMariah Basquez/GoFundMe / Photo credit: CNBC Prime/YouTube

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