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Woman Thinks She's Buying Meal For Homeless Man, Gets A Big Surprise

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U.K. woman Claire Varin was reportedly buying breakfast at McDonald's when she decided to buy a homeless man a meal -- that is, until she found out he was just a regular customer waiting for his own meal.

Varin, 33, was in the shopping center when she saw a man looking scraggly and unshaven with a rucksack, The Independent reports. He was sitting at a table at McDonald's eating the ketchup out of the bottle when she saw him. Varin thought the man was without a home and decided to buy him a meal. 

As she placed the meal in front of the man, an employee came over and gave the man the meal he had ordered. The employee then apologized for the wait. 

"I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment," Varin told the Daily Mail, according to The Independent. "To be honest, my imagination ran away with me. 'Had this poor man been out on the streets all night? Was this the only food he would eat all day?'"

Varin added that it was a cold morning and she felt bad for the man. 

"He must have been sitting there for a good 10 minutes so I assumed he hadn't ordered and had just come in from the cold," Varin said. "I really enjoy a McDonald's breakfast now and again, but I think I'll have to give that store a miss in the mornings in case I see that man again."

Varin added that she immediately left the restaurant after her encounter with the man. 

Sources: The Independent, / Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr, ciron810/Flickr

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