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Woman Texts That She Made It To Family Camper, 2 Days Later Dad's Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality

Two days after a young woman texted her mother to let her know she had arrived at the family's campsite, her father made a heartbreaking discovery.

Rachael Mattice, 24, drove to her family's campsite in Wells, New York, and texted her mom to let her know she had arrived.

"I'm at the bottom of the hill. Goodnight and I love you," Rachael texted her mother, Wendy Mattice.

Two days later, the parents hadn't heard anything more from their daughter. Her father drove out to the campsite to check up on her. He found her car, but no sign of Rachael. The parents, and police, are still searching for her.

Rachael's childhood friend, Cynthia Nellis, took to social media to help out. Nellis wrote an open letter to Rachael's favorite singer, Shania Twain, in hopes that she may be able to spread the word about Rachael's disappearance.

Nellis wrote in her Facebook post to Twain:

You are Rachael’s favorite country artist… Her parents use to call her Shania when she was little because she would sing your music all the time….

It’s important to me that we don’t give up hope. That we keep fighting to find our Rachael and to put her back in the arms of her parents.

I’m reaching out to you in hopes that you can make one of Rachael’s dreams come true by sending a message out to her. Help us bring her home…

Twain responded to the message on her Twitter account, asking anybody with information on Rachael's whereabouts to contact the police. She followed up the tweet with another which read, "Thinking of you Rachael."

More than 10 days after she went missing, Rachael still had not been heard from. Her family remains hopeful that she will be found.

Sources: Independent JournalTimes Union / Photo credit: Times Union

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