Woman Tests Boyfriend with Other Woman; Fails Big Time


Here is a lesson to all of the ladies out there: don't test your boyfriend's loyalty by setting him up with another woman. It is bound to fail as one British woman found out.

The Daily Mirror tells the story of Samantha Phipps, who suspected that boyfriend Jack Ewing (left, in happier times) was cheating on her.

"But what could I do? I confided in friends and one simply said ‘so test him,'" the 26-year-old recounted to the tabloid. “She suggested I set it up for a woman to chat him up and see if he fell for it. If he was true to his word, he’d tell her he was already spoken for and if not, I’d know he was a cheat."

She found a service online (for about $300) that does just that, and a meeting was set up for one night when Samantha knew Jack would be at a local bar. Afterwards, Samantha got the bad news from the woman who called herself "Miss Honeytrap."

"He bought her a drink and half an hour later they went outside and kissed. They even arranged to meet again."

And then Jack disappeared. She called and texted for several days with no response. Then he finally responded.

"The message I got back was brutal and to the point: ‘I’ve gone and I’m not coming back’. I burst into tears, worried he’d found out about my trap," Samantha said.

Drowning her sorrows at a bar later in the week, Samantha spotted Jack with a woman.

“He was sat there with the honeytrap who I recognized from a photo on the website,” she said. “I asked what the hell she was doing and looking really nervous she said sorry, that it had just happened.

“I had to get this straight: ‘So you’re telling me I set you up to test my boyfriend and you stole him from me?’

“She looked down at her drink and admitted they were seeing each other. Jack didn’t seem bothered at all. He just sat with a hint of a smug smile on his face.

“I completely lost it. I flung my drink over her and she started crying. I stood there looking at them both, her with gin and tonic dripping down her face, him just gawping at me. I shouted at her that I wanted my money back and she cried that I’d get it back as my friends led me away."

Jack now admits that Samantha's earlier fears were correct -- he was cheating. But now he has found true love with the honeytrap, real name Jane Gill.

“I’m happy with Jane. She’s a very attractive girl with a great personality. When we chatted in the pub that first night we just clicked straight away. I feel quite good about what happened."


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