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Woman Tells Mugger She’s An NSA Intern And Would-Be Thief Runs Off

A petite woman managed to scare off a man who attempted to rob her by telling him that she’s an intern for the National Security Agency.

On Monday night, the unnamed woman, who reportedly weighs less than 100 pounds, was grabbed by a man in the area between the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Heritage Foundation, according to Washington Examiner.

The attacker apparently grabbed the woman’s arm and demanded her phone and wallet, but the victim was a quick thinker and said she’s an intern for the NSA and had no cash to give the would-be robber.

She reportedly also told the man that if he took her phone, which reportedly had a pink-and-blue Lilly Pulitzer case, that it would be tracked by the NSA and this would be an issue for him.

"I told him that the NSA could track the phone within minutes, and it could cause possible problems for him," the woman told Washington Examiner.

Obviously, the man was fearful of what the NSA could do and he decided to just run off.

The woman, who was incredibly brave throughout the incident, actually works for a nonprofit in Washington, D.C.

Business Insider notes that despite all the security around the Capitol, the areas around D.C. are not the safest in the country. In 2012, Washington D.C. ranked 8th in murder rate for America's most dangerous cities.

Sources: Washington Examiner, Business Insider


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