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Woman Tells Concerned Family To 'Mind Their Own Business' Before Toddler Dies From A Beating

A woman's family is blaming her for the beating death of her 2-year-old son after she ignored their warnings about her violent boyfriend.

John Winkler and Laura Martinez are the adoptive grandparents of now-deceased Adrian Langlais. Martinez’s son started dating the 2-year-old’s mother, Jessica Langlais, when she was six months pregnant, and although the couple eventually broke up, Martinez and Winkler continued to babysit and care for the child.

Last fall, Langlais started dating 22-year-old Christian Tyrrell, and around that time, Martinez and Winkler started noticing some bruising on Adrian, along with some strange behavior from the boy.

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“I start noticing a change in Adrian's behavior," Winkler said. “He's starting to hit me in the face. Sometimes when she brings him over, he's like in shock… He clings to me. I'm telling her (Langlais), ‘I don't know what the deal is but there's something going on here.’”

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After expressing concern to Langlais, who claimed the boy got the bruises from roughhousing, the couple eventually called Child Protective Services. After an investigation, the agency determined the 2-year-old was not being abused.

“They left the child vulnerable,” Winkler said of Child Protective Services. “They made that decision and they made the wrong decision.”

Martinez and Winkler continued to warn Langlais about Tyrrell, noting that Adrian was acting afraid of him, but the mother denied those accusations, and the relationship between all of them started to disintegrate.

A month after Child Protective Services dismissed the case, Adrian was reportedly beaten to death by Tyrrell.

Now, Martinez and Winkler are speaking out about the tragedy in the hopes that the boy’s mother and Child Protective Services will both be held accountable for their role in the child’s death. Winkler recently created a Facebook page to drum up support for their fight and to try to bring Child Protective Services and Langlais to justice. Tyrrell is currently being held on $1 million bail and facing a capital murder charge.

“To know he's gone is breaking me,” Martinez said. “But on the other hand, I'm happy because he's not here anymore. He didn't deserve the life these people were giving to him. I'm glad he's with God.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Photo Source: Daily Mail

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