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Woman Tears Up Cell Phone Store, Moons Clerk (Video)

A woman identified as "Stephanie" recently threw a fit inside a Detroit cell phone store because the employee refused to give a refund for a cell phone that her son bought two weeks ago.

“They came in a week ago, I explained them the situation," said the store clerk, who hid his identity from WXYZ (video below). "I showed them everything on the receipt.”

Using his cell phone, the clerk recorded the mom yelling: “Take everyone’s [expletive] money! Take it!”

The clerk says Stephanie used a knife to damage signs and display cases in the store.

In retribution for being film, the hefty woman lifted her dress and bared her behind to the clerk.

“Take my picture," Stephanie said. "Take that! Take that! You got that? Because I will be back. You got that close up? Cheese!”

Stephanie later told WXYZ: "I want you to know there’s a reason why I had to do that. He’s telling me my money is up in the air, I can’t get a refund or another phone.”

She claimed the store sold her son an outdated, damaged phone.

“[The store] needs to either give me another phone or return my money."

The store plans to pursue charges against Stephanie.

Source: WXYZ


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