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Woman Tattoos 'Vegan' On Forehead (Photo)

Woman Tattoos 'Vegan' On Forehead (Photo) Promo Image

One woman has captured international attention after having the word "vegan" tattooed on her forehead.

Kate Bullen shared a photo of the large and ornate tattoo, which is just above her right eyebrow, on Twitter.

"Got a suicide awareness and vegan tattoo today, love 'em," she wrote.

Bullen later explained she got the tattoo "so I don't have to tell people I'm vegan every five minutes," the Daily Mail reports.

"I chose to get this tattoo as I'm incredibly passionate about veganism and know I'll be vegan for life," she said, Lad Bible reports.

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"I primarily went vegan a few years ago because of empathy for the animals, and I'm still learning about how eating meat is so harmful for the planet and contributing towards world hunger and so many illnesses in humans," she added.

And while she loves her tattoo, many were critical of it.

People around the world told Bullen she would regret the decision and called her "unemployable," while some accused her of "virtue signaling."

"Wonder how she will feel in 20 years when she is still on the dole?" said one person in the Daily Mail's comments section, referring to the U.K. nickname for welfare.

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"We would not employ an individual with a prominent tattoo on the face, nor LOVE and HATE on the knuckles," added another. "Why not? Because we do not have to. And there are plenty like us."

Bullen remains unswayed by the negative responses.

"Of course the tattoo on my face received quite a lot of negative reactions because people seem to get upset when they see the word 'vegan,'" she said. "I've had a lot of comments saying I'm unemployable which doesn't matter to me since I've been self-employed since I was 18 and it's easy to cover with make up and [bangs]."

Despite the widespread criticism, some are also rushing to Bullen's defense.

"I really respect her for fighting for what she believes in and being proud to show it off," said her tattoo artist, Jordan McCrea. "Who is anyone to take the p**s out of what someone chooses to eat, never mind their reasons or what they do to show they're proud of it."

"Good for you!" added another person in the Daily Mail's comments section. "Nothing wrong with making a statement that's not hurting anyone. If people saw the cruelty that goes on in abattoirs and rearing animals to eat they would be shocked. It turned me against eating living things!"

"It's your body so do whatever you want with it," commented a third. "If anyone else doesn't like it, to hell with them, that's their fault & their problem, not yours."

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