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Woman Records Boyfriend Assaulting Teen As Blackmail

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A Texas woman is being held after she admitted to convincing an underage girl to have sex with her boyfriend.

Isabel Robinson, 41, is being charged with several crimes after she convinced her 15-year-old neighbor to have sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, Judd Denley, reports KPRC. The girl approached Robinson's apartment in Houston, asking for money, and Robinson reportedly told the girl she did not have any but would give her $200 if she would have sex with Denley.

The girl arrived at Robinson's apartment on March 22 and was given alcohol and marijuana, becoming intoxicated and unable to walk on her own, according to court documents. The girl stated she got "really drunk and high" before meeting Denley.

When Denley arrived, he reportedly undressed the girl and asked her if she was ready, to which the girl replied she was not. Denley allegedly persisted, forcing himself onto the girl several times while Robinson filmed the incident with a cellphone. The girl says she eventually crawled to the bathroom to get away.

The next morning, Robinson allegedly gave the girl $150, keeping the remainder as payment for the alcohol and marijuana.

KHOU reports that court documents showed the girl did not return to school for a week, but told a friend about the assault upon her return. She also managed to retrieve Robinson's cellphone, which she turned into local police.

Police then obtained a search warrant for the cellphone, finding several text messages between Robinson and Denley as they organized the assault. KPRC reports that investigators found two videos of the assault, as well as Robinson referencing the victim as Denley's "special treat."

Denley and Robinson were engaged in a four-year affair that involved multiple sexual partners, according to KHOU. Robinson threatened to use the sexual assault videos as blackmail if Denley tried to end their affair. Denley had threatened to tell Robinson's husband about their involvement.

The couple face several charges, including possession with intent to promote child pornography, compelling prostitution of a minor, trafficking of a child, inducing sexual performance by a child and aggravated sexual assault, according to KPRC.

"Go to a trusted adult. It could be anybody ... Reach out, tell your story and let someone know what's happening to you and we encourage children to do that, as well as adult victims, to just reach out and tell someone, and that adult should report it to police immediately,” said prosecutor Johna Stallings.

Denley is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail. Robinson is held in lieu of $30,000 bail for each charge.

Source: KHOU, KPRC / Photo credit: Pixabay

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