Woman Takes Stand Against Children's iPhones (Video)


A mother took drastic measures to discipline her kids: shooting and destroying her children's cell phones (video below).

Footage of the incident shows the mother standing in a yard holding a gun in the air while her children looked on.

"I hereby denounce the effects that social media have on my children," she says according to the Daily Mail. "Their disobedience and disrespect."

The mother then points the gun at a tree stump, where an iPhone can be seen standing upright. She then shoots the phone to pieces.

"Set it up," she orders the cameraman. The camera then focuses in on the damaged phone.

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"Still recording?" the mother asks. "Yes ma'am," the cameraman replies. Though one of the mother's children seemingly leaves the area, two of her children can be seen standing around as the mother continues her rant.

"I refuse to be cursed," she says, after one of the teens gives the middle finger to the camera. "I refuse to be disobeyed. I take back my role as your parent."

The mother then tells the cameraman to get a shot of her children, and the camera pans over to the three teens. One flips the middle finger once again, while the rest stand around with their arms crossed.

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"My children's lives are more important to me," the mother says while holding a sledgehammer above the tree stump, "than any electronic on this earth."

"I refuse to have them influenced in negative ways," she continues. "Contacting people they don’t know, being involved in drama they don’t need to be in, and being in trouble at school for having phones out." The mother then smashes the rest of the iPhone to pieces.

"I'm done!" she exclaims.

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In a similar incident in February, a Texas father took his daughter's cellphone away because she was reportedly sending cruel messages to the daughter of his new wife, says Inside Edition. The father, Ronald Jackson, said he didn't consider the confiscation "cruel punishment."

Watch the intense incident below.

Sources: News And Top Stories/YouTube, Daily MailInside Edition / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Daily Mail

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