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Vengeful Lover Posts Ad Selling Man's 6-Year-Old Daughter For Sex

A vengeful Russian woman allegedly sought to frame a former lover’s wife as a prostitute trying to sell her six-year-old child for sex.

The woman, identified only as Olga, posted an online advert making it appear the man’s wife, Kristina Shpekht, was trying to sell their daughter Karolina as a sex slave, the Daily Mail reports.

“I can sell you the child for 100 RUB (£1),” the advert read. That's roughly $1.30 USD. “I need to feed my family and my child helps me in this matter. I am not only selling my child but also myself. I am offering any kind of services, anything you want.”

Shpekht said she suffered a nervous breakdown as a result.

Olga is reportedly a former lover of her husband’s who wanted to continue engaging in illicit relations, said. The husband, however, rejected her advances.

This is not the first spurned Russian ex to capture international attention.

Former Russian beauty queen Ekaterina Poberezhnaya, 23, killed her ex-lover’s 10-year-old daughter after he rejected her. The woman was jailed for 12 years.

Poberezhnaya explained that her lover, Alexander Ulyanov, had impregnated and mistreated her previously.

“I got pregnant. I was in a cab, he found out about it, he found me, dragged me out of the cab and kicked me,” she said. “He used to buy various sexual toys, and forced me to use them. I had no right to wear a skirt outdoors. If I did, he got into a panic. He was jealous, he was screaming "I love you, I can't live without you. I even don't want to sleep with my wife…I go mad when I can't see you!"

Ulyanov paints a different picture, claiming she was the obsessed one.

“She could find out where I was, come there and start crying in front of me. I'd say 'I love my wife,' and she would say 'No, you love me!',” he told the court at her trial. 

He said he immediately knew she was the murderer. Ulyanov explained that after he rejected her, she threatened he would regret what he’d done.

“She killed my daughter, my beloved daughter. I simply want her to get capital punishment or a life sentence,” he said.

Sources: The Daily Mail (2) / Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

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