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Woman Opens Fire On Intruders (Video)

Georgia police are looking for two suspects after a failed home invasion attempt (video below).

The incident occurred on Sept. 16 at around 4 a.m. Three suspects kicked in the front door of a Gwinnett County home and then a woman opened fire on them, WSB-TV reported

The altercation was captured by surveillance cameras. The video shows three intruders with guns in their hands, breaking into the home.

A woman appears with a gun drawn and opens fire on the intruders. One man reportedly ran through a glass door. Another suspect died from his injuries in the driveway.

"She exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property," Deon Washington of the Gwinnett County Police Department told WSB-TV. "It's not common that we receive this caliber of surveillance video showing the crime unfold, an actual home invasion.”

Police identified the man who died as 28-year-old Antonio Leeks, of Atlanta, Gwinnett County Government reported. The woman who shot at the intruders is a business owner who was staying at the residence with a co-worker because it was convenient for the restaurant she owns.

Police are now looking for the other two suspects, who fled the scene by car. They were described as two black males, ages 20-30, and about 6 feet tall.

"They're not wearing anything on their faces so we're highly anticipating someone watching the evening newscast will recognize these people," Washington said.

Sources: WSB-TV, Gwinnett County Government / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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