Video Of Woman Being Taken Down By Cop Sparks Outrage (Video)

Video Of Woman Being Taken Down By Cop Sparks Outrage (Video) Promo Image

An unidentified woman was recently taken down and arrested by police in Perris, California (video below).

A video of the incident was posted on the Blacktivist Facebook page on July 16 with a caption: "Apparently, selling flowers is a crime?! If we don't fight back in sheer numbers, then we will always suffer this kind of treatment."

In the video, a Spanish-speaking woman, holding some flowers, has a brief struggle with the officer before he takes her down on a concrete sidewalk.

Once the officer has the woman down, he handcuffs and arrests her while she appears to wet her pants.

The Free Thought Project tried to contact the Perry Police Department about the video, but there has not yet been a response.

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There were plenty of comments from both sides of the aisle back on the Blacktivist Facebook page, where the video has over 700,000 views:

Why was she fighting back so hard for? What the hell???? Why do these illegals come out here and think they can make up their own dam laws?? This s*** is f****** retarded!!

It's called getting a permit, pay taxes, oh and dont resist when officer gives you a ticket. Is that person even in the country legally?

Where did this take place? The woman can't even speak English. Is she an illegal??

Black & Brown People we are being assulted & attacked & murdered by racist policemen worldwide...

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It actually is illegal to sell flowers or anything else for that matter without a permit. He was too rough with her over selling flowers though.

The ONLY illegals on our soil are those of European descent and their anchor babies that claim this land as theirs. This is our land, our continent! This is a victimless crime and this pig is a member of the blue line flag gang, carrying on the terrorizing our people for 524 years! Our African brothers and sisters are also victims of these same colonial terrorist!

Some people left angry messages on the Perris Police Department's Facebook page:

[D]isgusted by the treatment of the woman selling flowers to make an honest living. selling without a license, while illegal, is not a dangerous crime that warrants physical violence. the officer in question needs to be arrested and charged with assault. our police force is supposed to protect us, not brutalize us (particularly our lower income communities and people of color) and this continual abuse of power is unacceptable.

The two officers treatment towards the lady who sells flowers was purely disgraceful, which should be associated with your title. Is that what your officers being educated on at the academy or training you provide? Is the message you are trying to send to your community and those you want their support fear? Within law enforcement, is it of need to poses that much aggregation towards those who are weak? You guys are yet another example to power being abused. You resemble a tyrant, you breach the fine line between tyranny and enforcement. Shame you represent a branch of the United States.

Sources: Blacktivist/Facebook, Perris Police Department/Facebook, The Free Thought Project / Photo Credit: Pierre/Flickr, lina pramudita/Flickr, David Stanley/Flickr

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