Woman Surprises Stepfather With Dream Car For Father's Day (Video)


A Philadelphia woman decided to surprise her stepdad on Father’s Day by getting buying him the exact model Porsche that he sold to marry her mother. Fortunately for us, the man’s reaction was caught on camera.

Kristin Russell, a Captain in the Air Force, says she was determined to find the exact 1973 Porsche 914 2.0L that her stepfather Dave sold to marry her mother, and after a couple of years, she was finally able to track one down. As a surprise for Father’s Day, Russell traveled more than 700 miles to Arizona to retrieve the vehicle, and when it came time to give it to Dave, his reaction was priceless.

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“Whose is this?" Dave asks Kristin after she gives him a card and walks with him to the front door. When Kristin tells her stepfather that it’s for him, he responds, “Get the hell out of here!”

“This is going to be a blast!” says Dave as he backs out of the driveway to take the car for a spin.

Kristin wrote some touching words in the description of her video on YouTube, and after reading, it’s easy to see why she loves her stepdad so much.

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“My stepdad is awesome,” writes Kristin. “My first memories of him are playing barbies with me and reading to me. He coached every softball team I was on and came to every Karate tournament. He never had to do any of that. He gave up this awesome car to spend the money on marrying my mom. I saved up some money from my deployment and have been trying to figure out for a few years how to deliver back to him the same car. In the end I just waited until I found and identical one in great condition and went to get it. I'm just happy I could do something nice for a guy who has always done absolutely anything he could for me.”

Take a look at the awesome viral video below.

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