Woman Surprised to Learn She Doesn't Own Half Of Her Own House

Roseanne Di Guilio from Brewster, New York, was shocked to learn that she doesn’t own half of her home. When she decided to build a shed on her property, she was informed her mortgage servicer hadn't paid the property taxes and therefore she did not own half her house.

"They told me I no longer owned my land," said Di Guilio, "I was like, 'What do you mean I don't own that property? I've owned this property since 1997,'" THV 11 reports.

Di Guilio lost half her land, which borders the New York-Connecticut state line, in 2010. She was informed her mortgage servicer hadn't paid annual property taxes of about $200 since 2004. Her neighbor, Alethea Jacob, purchased the land for $275 in a county auction when Putnam County foreclosed, according to THV 11.

"I'm just an average person living my life," said Di Guilio. "My neighbor is an opportunist. She was looking for something for nothing."

Robert Karlsson, lawyer for Jacob, says his client is not an opportunist and that she fairly purchased the property.

"There was a yellow sign posted on the tree announcing a real-estate sale, and she decided she wanted to snap it up," Karlsson said. "Who wouldn't want to make their property larger? She bid on the property, and to her delight, there she goes — she has a larger property," THV 11 reports.

Di Guilio claims she never saw the yellow sign and was unaware that her property taxes were not being paid.

The ordeal began in 2004 when Di Guilio refinanced her mortgage and then again in 2006. According to Di Guilio, the bank never made the payments and then it sold the loan in 2010 to another company.

Di Guilio has initiated court proceedings in an effort to overturn the foreclosure but is facing difficulties since she didn't bring the action within the two-year statute of limitations. Additionally, her neighbor, Jacobs, made a settlement demand of $150,000, which has now been reduced to $35,000.

Di Guilio feels that she was victimized and that her neighbor should not profit from her loss, THV 11 reports.

Sources: THV 11

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