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Woman Surprised By Email She Got From Newlyweds Over Her Gift

A pair of newlyweds captured international attention after they reportedly contacted a guest and told her that her wedding gift wasn't generous enough.

The guest in question posted about the incident May 6 under the pseudonym Puzzledandpissedoff.

"I recently attended an ex-colleague's wedding where, in response to a request for cash gifts, I sent what I thought was a pretty decent cheque (£100 if it matters, though I can't help feeling it shouldn't)," she said, before describing the shocking email she later found in her inbox.

"[We] were surprised that your contribution didn't seem to match the warmth of your good wishes on our big day," the email reportedly reads. "In view of your own position, if you wanted to send any adjustment it would be thankfully received."

"For someone who's not easily shocked I confess I'm utterly gobsmacked by this," the user wrote in the forum. "So as not to drip feed I'll mention that 'your own position' probably refers to a recent inheritance I've had, which maybe they expected something from (and this is an ex-colleague, remember, not a close friend or relative)," she said.

“Please, anyone, what do I do now? I've never come across anything like this before and still can't quite believe they've done it - but since they have, should I reply, ring them, ignore it or what??” the woman added.

She saidshe has responded asking if the email was “some sort of mistake,” yet has not heard back from the bride.

Others on the forum expressed their shock at such an email, calling the couple “ungrateful,” “rude” and “greedy.”


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