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Woman Suing Subway After Worker Wrote "Big Mama" On Her Food Order

A California woman is suing Subway restaurants after she says a worker at her local franchise wrote “Big Mama” on the back of her order.

45-year-old Allison Brown says she was humiliated when she received her food order and noticed that instead of writing her name on the box, an employee wrote the cruel nickname as an obvious jab at her weight.

"I just broke down crying,” said Brown. “I couldn't eat it. I kept thinking, 'Big Mama' doesn't need to eat. It started really messing with me. I started thinking, 'Maybe I need surgery. Do I really look that bad? What's wrong with me?'"

Brown says that when she contacted the store’s owner, he was less than helpful to her.

“The owner said the employee didn't know better, that he just didn't get it," Brown told The News. "He begged me not to go to the media, so I tried to work with him, but then nobody was calling me back. It's not right. This really hurt me."

Now, Brown is suing the company, insisting that it’s not about the money, but instead about trying to get them to start sensitivity training.

"This isn't about money," she said Friday. "This breaks my heart. Here Subway promotes itself as a place for people who need help eating better, then this happens. What if the wrong person got a box like mine? What if they saw that and tried to commit suicide?"

Restaurant owner Sanjiv Mehta released a statement, saying he tried to do the right thing.

"As a small business owner, I do not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” said Mehta to 10News. “When I learned of this incident I immediately investigated and disciplined the employee involved. I also made contact with the customer in an effort to resolve this matter.”

Brown says she will move forward with her lawsuit and has vowed never to eat at another Subway restaurant again.

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