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L.A. Tour Bus Company Sued After Woman Is Left Permanently Cross-Eyed

Lauren Guerra, a 36-year-old woman from Los Angeles, California, reportedly filed a lawsuit against Starline Tours after suffering an injury on a trip two years ago that left her permanently cross-eyed.

Guerra told KTLA that she was on the second level of a double-decker bus on a Halloween party two years ago when she was struck by a tree branch.

“There were times when people had to duck under branches," she added. "I stood up at the wrong time and I got taken out going about 45 mph by a rather large tree branch."

The incident left Guerra with a fractured orbital bone around the eye, and she alleges her medical bills amounted to $300,000.

Guerra filed the lawsuit against the tour bus company on July 16, 2014, but she spoke to KTLA about the incident on Oct. 26 of this year.

She was prompted to take legal action after a teenage boy died on a Starline bus last year in a similar incident, according to Brian Kabateck, Guerra's lawyer. Mason Zisette, 16, was standing up on the upper deck when he was struck by an overpass and died.

“My client feels that after her incident, Starline should have done something to change what was happening on the bus,” Kabateck told the Los Angeles Times in July 2014, shortly after Zisette's death.

“As a result of the fact that they made no changes and this poor young man died, she wanted to go public,” he added.

Guerra claimed that no Starline staff members were present to supervise the people on the bus, and no warnings were issued to passengers about tree branches.

“They have done nothing we’ve seen to mitigate these injuries. It’s almost like they don’t know the routes,” Kabateck said. “There has to be more training and an understanding of the routes they are going to be on.”

Kabateck also called for politicians to consider new regulations for double-decker buses traveling in Los Angeles.

Sources: KTLADaily Mail, Los Angeles Times / Photo credit: Lauren Guerra, KTLA via Daily Mail


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