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Woman Sues NYPD For $150M After Cop Falsely Arrested Her So He Could Date Her

A New York woman who was arrested for drunk driving is now suing the city for $150 million after the arresting officer told her he would clear her of all charges if she went out with him.

31-year-old Erica Noonan of the Bronx was pulled over in March of last year because Officer Carlos Becker found her attractive. After arresting her on drunk driving charges, Becker reportedly took a photo of her backside on his phone while she was in handcuffs and told her that if she went out with him, he would clear her of all charges.

Becker reportedly went on to text Noonan hundreds of times, including one text that read, “I’m going to talk to the district att on Monday. Let’s just hang. I gotta get u in a better mood.”

Noonan says that she took Becker up on his offer for a date, and while they were out at dinner, he ordered her a drink that made her feel foggy. The next morning, Noonan woke up in Becker’s bed with a black eye, unable to remember what happened after dinner.

“I am deeply saddened and hurt by the acts of Officer Becker against me,” said Noonan. “It is my sincere hope that the NYPD takes measures to ensure that another citizen is not violated, as I was, at the hands of a police officer.”

Noonan’s drunk driving charge was dropped late last year, and now, she is suing the city for $150 million.

“Police officers are entrusted with the solemn duty to protect and serve the public,” said Noonan’s lawyer, Stephen Drummond. “Here Officer Becker abused that trust by placing his personal desire above his oath, and for that he and the NYPD must be held accountable.”

Charges against Becker in regards to Noonan's arrest were dropped back in December.

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