Woman Sues McDonald's for Hot Coffee Spill


Paulette Carr is suing McDonald’s, which she claims is responsible for her being burned by hot coffee on Jan. 12, 2012.

Carr says she was injured after buying hot coffee at a drive-thru of a McDonald’s in Van Nuys, Calif., notes The Los Angeles Times.

“The lid for the hot coffee was negligently, carelessly and improperly placed on the coffee cup," reads Carr's lawsuit. "Resulting in the lid coming off the top of the coffee at the window, causing the hot coffee to spill onto the plaintiff."

According to NBC Los Angeles, Carr is suing McDonald’s for lost wages, medical expenses, losing future earning capacity and costs of future medical care.

Carr's lawsuit is similar to a landmark case 20 years ago when a New Mexico woman sued (and won) McDonald’s after being burned by hot coffee between her legs.

A judge reduced that woman's jury award to $640,000. That case was later settled out of court by McDonald’s for an undisclosed amount.

The New Mexico woman suffered third-degree burns and had to have skin graft surgery.

Attorney Nicholas “Butch” Wagner claims McDonald’s keeps its coffee at “scalding hot temperatures” so it won't have to be brewed often.

Sources: The Los Angeles Times and NBC Los Angeles


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