Woman's Breasts Burned By Hookah Coals; She Sues


A Philadelphia woman has filed a lawsuit against a nightclub and hookah lounge after her breasts were burned when a pipe was knocked over onto her.

According to reports, 26-year-old Katelyn Sobon was with a friend at the nightclub seated near the dance floor. The hookah pipe in question was placed on a “feeble” table between Sobon and another table of rowdy guests.

The people at the neighboring table were dancing on a stripper pole when the hookah pipe was accidentally knocked over, and hot coals landed right onto Sobon’s breasts. Her dress suddenly caught on fire, but she was able to put out the flames. After the situation was under control, the manager at the club was reportedly apologetic and even offered to pay Sobon’s medical bills.

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Reports say that Sobon refused medical attention that night, regardless of being burned so badly, and now, she is suing Philadelphia’s Trilogy Nightclub and Hookah Lounge and its owner Mohamed El Laisy for $50,000 in damages.

Mohamed El Laisy, however, believes that Sobon is just trying to make money because she has actually returned to the club three different times after the incident.

“That's the same girl that came down here and tried to come back in the club three times,” said El Laisy, noting that Sobon filed the suit between the second and third time she went to Trilogy. “When she came in after I got that, I stopped her at the door. I said, 'What are you doing? You're trying to sue us!’ I find it funny that she tried to come back in after that. Her allegation is fully false and we'll see her in court. It’s just too ridiculous.”

Pictures of Sobon on Facebook taken after the incident don’t show any signs of scarring on her chest.

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC News, Philly.com


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