Woman Sues Former Employer After She Was Fired For Complaining About Her Co-Workers Distributing Nude Photos Of Her


Jennifer Madonia claims she was fired from Uncle Bud’s Catfish Shack in Murfreesboro, Tennessee after she discovered her co-workers, including some supervisors, were passing around nude pictures of her.

Now, she has filed a lawsuit against her former employers.

According to reports, Madonia was only working at the restaurant for about a month when a co-worker, “obtained explicit nude images of plaintiff and displayed them to plaintiff's coworkers and supervisors in a malicious attempt to harass plaintiff."

Madonia claims in the lawsuit that when she went to complain about what her co-workers were doing, she discovered that her supervisors had also been passing around the pictures.

"Plaintiff was told there would be an investigation, but instead plaintiff's hours were cut back and there was no investigation," reads the lawsuit. “When plaintiff complained about plaintiff's hours being cut back, and asked about the progress of the investigation, plaintiffs supervisor Michael Ann Hassel told plaintiff there was too much tension in the workplace, and fired plaintiff.”

Hassel, Madonia’s supervisor, is not named as a defendant in the federal lawsuit, but the store’s former owners, Craig Dever and Jay Smith, are named. Reports claim that the Murfreesboro location of Uncle Bud’s Catfish Shack closed its doors in September of last year.

Madonia is suing for punitive damages, attorney fees, and to get her job back with full back pay. It is not clear how Madonia’s co-workers got their hands on nude photos of her in the first place.


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