Woman Sues Employer After Being ‘Crushed’ By 661-Pound Man


A North Queensland, Australia woman is suing her employer after she was allegedly crushed by a morbidly obese client of hers.

Therese Gai McCormack, a 46-year-old support worker, is seeking $406,903.43 in damages after a 661-pound (300kg) man fell on her while she was transporting the man to a hospital.

McCormack alleges she suffered a soft tissue injury to her right shoulder and an injury to the joint when the man crushed her on June 15, 2011. She claims the injury required her to receive surgery on her right shoulder, but continues to experience pain in her right shoulder and arm.

According to documents filed with the Townsville District Court, the man was a client of McCormack’s and was on his way to see a dentist. McCormack found the patient lying face down in the taxi with his feet sticking out of the sliding door.

McCormack called her employer to request assistance in lifting the man up, but was told the hospital would provide help.

As she and two male nurses attempted to lift the man into the taxi, the man fell backwards and on top of McCormack, the Townsville Bulletin reports.

McCormack was allegedly knocked into the passenger seat immediately behind the driver’s seat, causing her injuries.

She is now suing her employer for “failing to provide a safe workplace,” or provide a specialized ambulance and double-seater wheelchair to transport the patient to the hospital, according to the Bulletin.

Source: Townsville Bulletin


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