Woman Stunned After DMV Calls Her License Plate 'Too Vulgar' (Photos)


A Tennessee woman loves tofu so much that she thought her license plate should reflect that, but when she tried to get a customized plate, the Department of Motor Vehicles told her it was too vulgar.

Whitney Calk, a vegan and lover of tofu, wanted her license plate to read “ILVTOFU” to show her love of the food, but when she requested it with the DMV, officials denied her, saying that they didn’t want people to think it meant “I love to f***,” rather than “I love tofu.”

“All I’m trying to do is spread a pro-vegan message with my license plate,” said Calk.

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Calk received a letter from the state letting her know that her license plate request had been denied, and when she called to ask why, an employee told her the honest reason.

"She let me know it was rejected due to vulgarity,” Calk said. “It just seemed logical to change my license plate to something I believed in.”

Others have reportedly tried to get the same “ILVTOFU” license plate in different places and have been rejected for the same reason. Calk says that friends tried to suggest other things that could promote her message and love of tofu, but ultimately, she decided not to keep pursuing it because she didn’t want to “compromise with what was written.”

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