Woman Storms onto School Bus to Yell At Child Who Allegedly Hit Girlfriend’s Daughter

When a woman realized that a young boy had hit her partner’s daughter, she stormed onto the children's school bus, tried to pull the boy off the bus, and unleashed a tirade of curses and insults at the shocked group of young students.

The Clarksville, Tenn. incident was caught on the bus’s surveillance camera.

Kela Leshia Hand, a 22-year-old US Army veteran, can be seen attempting to pull the 7-year-old boy off the bus. Hand can be heard threatening to beat the child because he had hit the little girl on the head at the bus stop.

“I don’t care who it was. If this happens again, I will f*** all you little motherf*****s up,” Hand screams.

When the young boy protests that he is innocent, she directs her attention towards another young boy, before letting the entire bus have a piece of her mind.

“Go get your f****ing mamma,” she yells to a young boy who says that he will tell his mom about Hand’s threats. “Go get her. I will f*** her up, too!”

Hand’s girlfriend finally managed to pull her off of the bus. The veteran was arrested and charged with two counts of assault and one count of disorderly conduct.

The principal of St. Bethlehem Elementary later sent her a letter and told her that she was no longer allowed on school property; if Hand enters school property, she will be charged with trespassing.

Police allege that as the April 25 incident unfolded, the bus driver, Connie Pritzl, stood by and protested weakly. Aside from radioing her supervisors that an adult had boarded the bus, she simply watched Hand’s rampage unfold.

The two women’s presence on the bus violated Clarksville-Montgomery County School District bus rules, which forbid any adults other than the bus driver or school personnel from boarding a bus full of children.

Pritzl also failed to keep another four adults off the bus, who came onboard to check on their children after Hand’s tirade.

Although parents have expressed outrage over Pritzl’s inability to control the adults or to protect the children, the bus driver was not fired. Instead, she was suspended without pay, and was later transferred to the school district’s food services department.

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