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Woman With Stolen Python Around Her Neck Crashed Car Into Fire House, Cops Say

A New York woman who crashed her car into a Long Island fire house was allegedly in possession of marijuana and wearing a stolen snake around her neck.

Sarah Espinosa, of Albany, was driving in New Hyde Park when she crossed the median and hit another vehicle, according to Nassau County police. The 22-year-old kept driving and eventually plowed into the front door of a New Hyde Park Fire House, hitting two fire trucks.

"Fire personnel who were present at the time of the accident rendered aid to the victim, at which time they discovered a small ball python snake wrapped around the defendant's neck," police said, according to Yahoo! News.

The small snake was allegedly stolen from a nearby pet store just before the collision. Authorities say it is unclear if the snake was strangling her at the time of the crash and caused the accident.

Espinosa was taken to a local hospital and released a short time later.

She is facing charges including driving while intoxicated, petit larceny and reckless endangerment in the second degree. She is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday in the First District Court of Hempstead.

Sources: The Associated PressYahoo! News

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Wikipedia


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