Woman Still Depressed 44 Years After Finding Out Santa Claus Wasn't Real (Video)


A British mother-of-two says she deals with seasonal depression every year around Christmas time stemming from learning that Santa Clause wasn’t real at 10 years old.

54-year-old Lynn Cassidy goes to therapy in the months leading up to Christmas every single year and has since she found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real 44 years ago. Cassidy says that finding out the truth traumatized her, especially because the idea of Santa Clause united her dysfunctional family when she was a child.

“I didn't have the happiest of childhoods but for this one day a year my whole family got along,” Cassidy said, according to The Daily Mirror. “Back then I didn't think it was my parents who did all of this - the magic of Christmas was down to one man - Santa Claus. I was so happy that on this one day there was proof that I was loved and cherished by somebody who didn't necessarily need to love me. Santa meant so much to me, to know he didn't exist ruined my whole world. I know I should get over it but I can't. Without Santa there is no point in Christmas, I am not ashamed I to say I had therapy to deal with my Santa issues.”

Cassidy says she first realized that Santa Claus wasn’t real when she received a second-hand bicycle as a Christmas gift.

“I just knew it must have been my mum and dad who had bought me it instead,” Cassidy explained. “I remember feeling immense sadness as I looked at them and asked if Santa was real. They didn't even really have to answer, they just looked at me in a way that said it all. From there my world came crashing down.”

Cassidy says she’ll “never get over” learning that Santa Claus isn’t real despite trying to be cheerful and full of joy ever holiday season.

“For me, Santa was a magical figure who loved me and represented love and kindness,” she said. “Finding out he didn't exist broke my heart.”

Sources: The Daily Mirror, BT, Metro UK / Photo Source: WikiCommons


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