Woman Steals Wallet In Plain View Of Security Camera (Video)


Security cameras caught a woman in a Roseville, California, supermarket stealing another female shopper's wallet (video below).

In the video, the alleged thief pushes her cart just ahead of the other customer in the produce section of the market. She stops her cart, walks away from it to grab a plastic bag to put produce in, and then sneakily grabs the woman’s wallet from the purse in her shopping cart while she is looking away.

The thief then tucks the wallet under her arm, and quickly pretends to look at a produce item before placing the wallet inside her basket and walking away.

The entire incident takes about 20 seconds.

Detectives know the identity of the alleged thief, but have not released her name, The Sacramento Bee reports.

The woman is suspected of committing multiple grocery store thefts throughout Roseville. She has been connected to at least four thefts similar to the one in the video at two grocery stores in the city between February and August.

The suspect may also be responsible for a theft at a third store, Roseville Police Department spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther said.

After the woman steals a shopper’s wallet, she reportedly immediately goes to a nearby store to use the stolen debit or credit cards before the bank has been notified of the theft.

Police warn shoppers to not take their eyes off their purse in any public space.

Sources: Roseville California Police Department/YouTube, The Sacramento Bee / Photo Credit: Roseville California Police Department/YouTube

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