Woman Steals Puppy And Beats It To Death (Video)

A Georgia woman has been arrested after police say she stole and murdered a puppy. According to multiple reports, she is now undergoing an evaluation to determine if she’s mentally stable.

27-year-old Ryeeah Christine Hatcher of Douglasville was arrested and has now been charged with felony cruelty to animals, obstruction of a police officer, and theft by taking.

According to reports, Hatcher stole the Chihuahua mix from a neighbor’s backyard earlier this week.

“She stuffed the puppy in a backpack-type bag,” described Douglas County Chief Deputy Stan Copeland. “Neighbors saw her and for lack of a better term, gave chase. Just prior to the arrival of deputies, the neighbors had her kind of cordoned off so she couldn’t go anywhere. She then took the backpack, with the puppy in it, and beat it against a tree.”

When police arrived, the dog had already been beaten badly and died as a result. Hatcher was promptly arrested and charged, and now, authorities are questioning her mental stability.

“We do have questions about her mental state at the time of the incident,” said Copeland.

Hatcher is currently being held at the Douglas County Jail on $12,000 bond.


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