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Woman Steals Journalist's Car on Camera (Video)

A news reporter in Florida went to go investigate a possible story on rental fraud in Siesta Key, but when he arrived, a clearly agitated woman stole his vehicle, and it was all caught on camera.

It began when a 91-year-old woman made claims that she responded to an ad to rent an 11-bedroom home only to discover that the home only had five bedrooms. She reportedly tried to get her money back, but the owners of the home refused to pay her back.

ABC 7 reporter Josh Taylor decided to go to the property to investigate for himself, and when he arrived, a woman, reportedly a friend of the property owner, confronted him.

The woman repeatedly asked Taylor to leave, but he wouldn’t budge, maintaining that he wasn’t on private property and that his camera was set up on a public road. The woman can be seen in the video taking Taylor’s tripod, throwing it in the car, getting into the driver’s seat, and driving the car down the street.

The woman, identified as Jean Davis, is now being charged with grand theft auto. The claims of rental fraud are also currently being investigated.


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