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Woman Steals Bag From Airport Baggage Claim During News Report About Theft (Video)

An unidentified woman recently stole a piece luggage during a news report about airport theft at the Denver International Airport.

"It doesn’t happen often,” Denver International Airport spokesperson Stacey Stegman told CBS Denver last Wednesday in the baggage claim area.

According to police, the unidentified woman stole a bag from the same area, took what was inside it and left the luggage elsewhere in the airport (video below).

“I just wanted to confirm that there was indeed a theft of a bag belonging to Thomas Prehn just a carousel or two away from where you were filming," said Sgt. Rick Stager of the Denver Police Department. "The bag was rifled through and then dumped in another location in the airport."

“We have video of the suspect stealing the bag off of the carousel and walking away with the bag,” added Sgt. Stager.

The luggage thief appears to be wearing glasses, carrying a red purse and wearing a hat.

Thomas Prehn is a Colorado businessman and former professional cyclist. After his luggage was found hours later, he told police that about $2,700 worth of items had been stolen from the bag.

“It’s kind of amazing how much you can lose,” stated Prehn, who said there is “no doubt” it was his luggage that was stolen by the woman.

Prehn’s luggage is only the 16th reported bag theft from the airport’s baggage carousel areas this year, claim airport authorities.

According, police are "actively investigating" the theft of the items inside Prehn's luggage.

Source: CBS Denver and


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